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  • Fun Is Good. Let's Have More.

    At RT Gear, we provide accessories that make golf car experiences more fun: tires that rip through the mud on the way to the deer stand, racks that haul firewood for 4th of July bonfires, extra seats that allow more kids to pile in after soccer practice, and baskets that carry picnics and blankets to the park. Our mission is to help you get the very most out of your ride, because we believe fun is good. Let's have more!

  • Getting From A to B Just Got Better

    Nothing brings family and friends together quite like a ride in the golf car. And with a growing line of accessories, we can help make your next adventure that much better. Mirrors, light kits and extra seat belts help make your journey safer. Folding seats to fetch groceries from the store, or kids from the pool. And baskets and roof racks for hauling rackets and balls to the court, or charcoal and horseshoes to the family cookout.

  • Better Outdoor Adventures

    We believe that every day spent in the great outdoors is a great day and our accessories can make your great days even better. Make the most of your hunt with gun racks, cup holders, folding seats for your friends or dogs, rear baskets for deer feed, roof racks for your trophy, and light kits to get you home after dark. And all-terrain tires and a lift kit are a must whether you're joyriding down a wooded trail, or hauling tools in your utility trailer.

  • Golf Cars Are In Our DNA

    From top to bottom, everyone at RT Gear understands how golf cars bring people together, turn chores and errands into adventures, and generally make getting from point A to point B that much more enjoyable. For over 20 years, we've been sourcing, testing and providing accessories that make golf car experiences more fun. Why? Because we believe fun is good. Let's have more. Click below to download our accessory catalog.